Advancing Women in STEM (AWINSTEM) was founded in 2014 by women who worked in technology-driven, male-dominated professions.  AWINSTEM continues to grow and now includes women scientists, computer technologists and engineers with more than 75 years experience in both industry and academia.

We know first-hand the  barriers women face in the STEM professions. And with our connection to Case Western Reserve University we are able to draw on the latest research on women achieving int he STEM professions. We founded Advancing Women in STEM to offer solutions to change the workplace so that women can achieve success and to foster an inclusive, impactful workforce.

The Leadership Lab for Women in STEM offers a comprehensive professional and leadership development program. This program is offered through Executive Education in the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.  Our current CEO, Dr. Kathleen Buse, created the Leadership Lab in 2012.